Easy to Read Chinese Short Stories, Book 1

Easy to Read Chinese Short Stories, Book 1

The Best Short Stories and Poems from the 2021 MSL Master Chinese Writing Contest

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This is a wonderful collection of 17 very short stories and poems written in Simplified Chinese using a total of just 320 different Chinese characters.

Early in 2021, Chinese learners worldwide were invited to participate in the first Chinese Writing Contest organized by MSL Master. Entries were limited to using 320 unique Chinese characters.  Out of 82 submissions, 17 of them were ranked the highest in a public vote on Twitter. These top-ranked works are included in this book. There are stories, poems, and even a short play.

The authors come from eight regions and countries but all share a passion for the Chinese language. They have created worlds that are full of love, desire and ambition, that show nature to be an indispensable part of our world, that aging and death are real, and that a special space is reserved for magical creatures.

Each work is presented in Simplified Chinese, followed by versions in pinyin and English. These works are also available in a free audiobook that can be found on YouTube or can be downloaded from the Imagin8 Press website, www.imagin8press.com.