I am a beginner in learning Chinese and I like this series of books very much. The story is interesting with lots of unexpected things to happen. More important as the story itself is perhaps the good conception of the books. There is not much choice of Chinese readers with Pinyin Text (even not without) – of course you could work with scanning and OCR tools, then google translator. But that’s a lot of work and not error free… This books can be used “stand alone” without the help of dictionaries or the internet.
I also love the audio recordings, they are of good quality and reasonably clear and slowly spoken, but the impression is not artificial, more as if you would tell the story to your child – and that in fact is the frame of the books. There is also no annoying intro music or something alike.
This book series is worth every penny and with every book you will learn better Chinese, because the vocabulary is from book to book developing. That is good. A lot of praise – but someone has to do it!

5-star review on Amazon.com, by Gebo, for The Young Monk