We started Imagin8 Press in 2016, when we realized that there were almost no books available for English speakers learning to read Chinese, except for books written for children and young adults. We decided to write a book that would be interesting to readers of ALL ages including adults, and that would have built-in tools to make learning easier (like pinyin on facing pages, English version in the back, audiobooks on YouTube, and so on). The result of that, Rise of the Monkey King, became a best seller in the Chinese language learning community. After that, one book led to another, and we now have quite a few titles in our library, all available on Amazon and also available in quantity directly from us. Some of our titles follow the original format of the Journey to the West series, but we’ve also branched out into translations of other classic Chinese books such as Dao De Jing, The Art of War, and San Zi Jing.

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Jeff Pepper (author) is President and CEO of Imagin8 Press, and has written dozens of books about Chinese language and culture. Over his thirty-five year career he has founded and led several successful computer software firms, including one that became a publicly traded company. He’s authored two software related books and was awarded three U.S. patents.
Dr. Xiao Hui Wang (translator), has an M.S. in Information Science, an M.D. in Medicine, a Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Neuroscience, and 25 years of experience in academic and clinical research. She has taught Chinese for over 10 years and has extensive experience in translating Chinese to English and English to Chinese.