The Last Trial (最后的苦难)

August 18, 2022

The monk Tangseng and his three disciples are nearing the end of their epic journey. They approach Thunderclap Monastery in India, the home of Tathagata Buddha. But Tangseng’s ordeals are not over yet. First, the travelers are mistaken for murderers and thieves and must talk their way out of jail with some help from Sun Wukong’s body-changing magic. When they finally arrive at the home of the Buddha, Tangseng asks for the holy scriptures which…

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The Lazy Monk (懒僧)

The weary monk Tangseng and his three troublemaking disciples have now been traveling for over fourteen years. They arrive at a city near the Indian border just in time for the annual Lantern Festival, when three Buddhas come down from the sky and gather up large quantities of special lamp oil. Unfortunately these are not true Buddhas but monsters. They grab Tangseng and spirit him away to their cave. The monkey king Sun Wukong must…

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The Nine Headed Lion (九头狮子)

June 9, 2022

The Buddhist monk and his three disciples finally approach the western border of China. They find themselves in a kingdom where it hasn’t rained for three years because the prefect has angered the King of Heaven. Sun Wukong brings rain and, of course, trouble. Continuing their journey, they meet a prince and his three sons. The sons want to learn how to use the disciples’ magic weapons, but one night the magic weapons are stolen…

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The Dharma Destroying Kingdom (破法王国)

May 6, 2022

Ignoring a warning from the Bodhisattva Guanyin, Tangseng and his three disciples enter a city whose king has vowed to kill 10,000 Buddhist monks and has already finished off 9,996. The travelers must avoid being killed and figure out how to show the king the error of his ways. Later, the Monkey King Sun Wukong flies over a mountain and sees a large demon with 30 little demons, all blowing fog from their mouths. This…

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The Monk and the Mouse (和尚和老鼠)

April 11, 2022

In a dark forest the monk Tangseng comes upon a beautiful young woman tied to a tree and half-buried in the ground. The monk frees her, not realizing she is a deadly mouse demon. Later they arrive at a nearby monastery where she devours some monks and tries to force Tangseng to marry her. Sun Wukong learns the truth about her, lodges a complaint with the great Jade Emperor in heaven, and battles the mouse…

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The Thousand Children (一千个孩子)

Tangseng and his disciples arrive at the capital of Bhiksu Kingdom and learn that it’s been renamed “Boytown” because over a thousand little boys have been locked in cages in front of their homes. When they learn what fate awaits these children, Sun Wukong arranges to get them safely out of the city. Then he and the others unravel a plot devised by two demons who, disguised as a Daoist master and his lovely daughter,…

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Great Peng and His Brothers (大鹏和他的兄弟们)

February 11, 2022

The travelers arrive at a tall mountain. An old man warns them that it’s infested with thousands of man-eating demons but Sun Wukong ignores the warning. Soon they meet the three demon leaders: a blue-haired lion, an old yellow-tusked elephant, and a huge terrifying bird called Great Peng. The demons trap Sun Wukong in a magic jar but he escapes. Later the three disciples try but fail to defeat the three demons. Finally, with nowhere…

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The Demons of Spiderweb Mountain (蛛网山的恶魔)

January 3, 2022

The Buddhist monk Tangseng goes alone to beg some food at the home of some beautiful and seemingly gentle young women. He soon finds out that they are far from gentle. Trapped in their web, he waits to be cooked and eaten while his three disciples attempt to rescue him by confronting the spider demons, a horde of biting insects, and a mysterious Daoist alchemist. This is the 24th  book in the best-selling Journey to…

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The Monkey Doctor (猴子医生)

December 19, 2021

As Tangseng and his three disciples continue on their westward journey, they meet the king of Scarlet Purple Kingdom. The king is gravely ill, sick with grief over the loss of one of his wives who was abducted by a nearby demon king. Sun Wukong pretends to be a doctor and attempts to cure the king with a treatment not found in any medical textbook. Then he goes to rescue the imprisoned queen, leading to…

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The Rain of Blood (血雨)

November 5, 2021

An evil rainstorm of blood covers a city and defiles a beautiful Buddhist monastery. Three years later the monk Tangseng and his three disciples arrive at the city. They explore the monastery and discover two fish-demons drinking wine and gambling in the top floor of the monastery’s pagoda. This leads to an epic underwater confrontation with their boss, a powerful dragon king. And later, Tangseng is trapped in a vast field of brambles by a…

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