The Last King of Shang, Book 3

The Last King of Shang, Book 3

Based on Investiture of the Gods 封神榜 by Xu Zhonglin

In the waning days of the Shang dynasty in ancient China, an epic battle begins between forces loyal to the corrupt Shang king and the rebels of West Qi. The leader of the Shang army, Grand Tutor Wen, desperately recruits  a host of demons, immortals and Daoist magicians to his side. They build ten magic traps to ensnare the West Qi rebels. But the legendary Jiang Ziya, aided by Nezha and the immortals of Mount Kunlun, use deception, magic and raw strength to disable the traps and lead a counterattack against the king’s forces.

This book, the third in the series, is based on chapters 35 through 50 of The Investiture of the Gods. It is a compelling tale of honor, ambition, and divine struggles, with rich storytelling and vivid imagery. This high-stakes saga explores the clash between gods and humans, and the trials of those who must choose between loyalty to the king and their own honor.

Best-selling authors Jeff Pepper and Xiao Hui Wang have retold this epic story to make it accessible to Chinese readers of all levels, using a limited vocabulary, simpler sentences, and fewer proper nouns. Each page of Simplified Chinese is also shown in phonetic pinyin. Words not included in the HSK4 list of commonly used words are defined where they first appear. A full English translation and glossary are included in the back of the book. A  free audiobook is available on YouTube.

Jeff Pepper and Xiao Hui Wang are co-authors of dozens of popular books for English-speaking people learning Chinese language and culture, including the 31-volume Journey to the West series, and innovative translations of the Dao De Jing, Art of War, and San Zi Jing. Their books are available at and from most online booksellers.