Learn to Read Chinese, Book 3

Learn to Read Chinese, Book 3

Five Classic Love Stories in Simplified Chinese, 700 Word Vocabulary, Includes Pinyin and English

A wealthy girl runs away with her cousin, a poor stonecarver.   A scholar finds true love inside a book. Two lovers defy death to be together. And a young man finds love with two ghosts.

FOR MATURE READERS ONLY.  Believe it or not, it’s possible for you to read and understand the four wonderful love stories in this book even if you start off not knowing a single word of Chinese!  We won’t lie to you and say it will be easy, but with time and patience you can certainly do it.

Each page of Chinese faces a page of pinyin (phonetic spelling), so if you don’t recognize a word, you can check the pinyin to see how it’s pronounced.  You can then look up the word’s meaning in the glossary in the back of the book.  A full English translation is also included.

You can also listen to a complete audiobook of all the stories, available free on YouTube and downloadable from our website.

These stories are written by the best-selling writing team of Jeff Pepper and Xiao Hui Wang, authors of the Journey to the West series of graded readers, translations of Chinese classics including the Dao De Jing, the Art of War, and the San Zi Jing, and lots of other great books.  To learn more, visit www.imagin8press.com.