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Imagin8 Press is a book publishing company dedicated to promoting a peaceful world by bridging the divide between different cultures. Our sole focus is on publishing high quality, enjoyable fiction books for English speaking people who want to read and understand Simplified Chinese.

Our Books

Here are the books we’ve published. All are available on Amazon.com, and the audiobook versions of the books in the Journey to the West series are all available for free on YouTube.

The Rise Of The Monkey King  (猴王的诞生)

Book 1 in the series. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, is born, seeks enlightenment, and returns home to defend his fellow monkeys.

Trouble in Heaven (游戏的宝座)

Book 2 in the series. Things begin to unravel for Sun Wukong as he travels to heaven and offends everyone including the great Jade Emperor.

The Immortal Peaches  (仙桃)

Book 3 in the series. Sun Wukong is given a job caring for the Emperor’s peaches, and ends up battling an entire army of men and immortals.

The Young Monk  (小和尚)

Book 4 in the series. Xuanzang is chosen by the Buddha to journey westward to India to bring sacred wisdom back to China.

The Emperor In Hell   (地狱里的皇帝)

Book 5 in the series. Taizong, the great Tang Emperor, is dragged down to the underworld and must find his way back to the world of the living.

The Journey Begins  (西游开始)

Book 6 in the series. Xuanzang sets out on his epic journey to the west, and faces a series of near-fatal encounters.

The Monster of Black Wind Mountain  (黑风山的妖怪)

Book 7 in the series. The travelers encounter a mysterious dragon and a terrifying black bear monster.

The Hungry Pig  (很饿的猪)

Book 8 in the series. The pig-man Zhu falls to earth, marries a farmer’s daughter, and fights Sun Wukong.

The Dao De Jing in Clear English

An innovative translation of this 2,500 year old classic which has inspired millions around the world and forms the basis for Taoism.

The Art of War

An innovative translation of the Sunzi, the most disruptive and revolutionary book ever written about human conflict.

Dragon Island  (宝石龙岛)

A wonderful picture book for English-speaking children learning to read Chinese.


“I just love these books.  The stories are engaging, the writing is terrific, and the book design is perfect for people like me who are just learning how to read Chinese.  If I see a character that I don’t recognize, I can just look across to the facing page and  read it in pinyin.  And if that isn’t enough, the glossary and English versions at the end give me what I need.  Can’t wait to see more in the series!”