November 24, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

We’re happy to announce our first full length book in English! It’s a translation and retelling of the first 50 chapters of the classic Chinese novel 封神榜, known in the west as The Investiture of the Gods.

The Investiture of the Gods is one of the most famous novels in classic Chinese literature. It is a gripping tale of powerful gods, scheming mortals and epic battles, but it also explores the dilemma faced by loyal government officials who must choose between their country and its corrupt leader.

This book was originally written in the 16th century by Xu Songlin, but up until now it has never been translated in full by a native English speaker. Now we have retold the story in contemporary language for modern readers, making it readable while preserving all the core elements of this dramatic story.

The story has more mature themes than most of our other books, and is suitable for kids age 14+ and adults.

The book is now available on Amazon  in paperback and ebook format.

The second and final part of the book, covering chapters 51 through 100, will be published late next year.

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